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We firmly believe in making cyber security solutions accessible for businesses of all sizes. We provide state of the art information security services that will help safeguard your company, your users and your assets. Anyone can be a victim of cyber attacks.

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Our Services

penetration testing
Penetration testing

Customized penetration tests are useful to identify vulnerabilities before real adversaries are able to exploit them. Providing remediation plans and assisting your dev team to mitigate them as quickly as possible. Our team specializes in both Application and Operational Security.

threat modelling
Threat Modelling

An in-depth review of your architecture. Identify issues and anti-patterns at the feature design stage. Ensure proper security hygiene, access policies and harden your features against multiple attack vectors.

corporate security

Corporate Security

Deep audit of your internal corporate security policies and procedures. Protect your business and customers from insider threats, information leaks, supply chain attacks, phishing campaigns and many other avenues of compromise. We gather threat intelligence and provide targeted guidance and auditing.

red teaming
Red Teaming

Red Teaming is a realistic assessment of your organization's security posture through simulated attacks and adversarial techniques. Our skilled team of ethical hackers conducts in-depth penetration tests and sophisticated simulations to identify vulnerabilities in your systems. We also evaluate and exercise incident response capabilities.